September 11th 2013 archive

Go Eagles Go!! From Mrs. Bretz

Whether you cheer for Michigan, Michigan State or Notre Dame, one thing we ALL cheer for is

This week, 4th and 5th grade are studying anthems.
We began by playing a name-that-tune game of favorite college fight songs (even though some student fans insisted their ears were bleeding when we played the rival college song!!  To make it fair, I DID play both Michigan and Michigan State!!)

Then we all cheered together and learned the words to our very own Hudsonville Fight Song!
If you don’t know it, ask your child to teach it to you!


Go Hudsie High School
Plunge right through that line
With your colors flying,
we will cheer you all the time!  RAH RAH RAH

Go Hudsie High School
Fight for victory
Spread far the fame of our fair name
and GO YOU EAGLES win this game! 

We are continuing our discussion of anthems by celebrating the anniversary of the “Star Spangled Banner.”  We have learned a mini history lesson of how it was written and have played a few games to help us learn the words.  Go team USA!