Archive | October 18, 2016

What’s Up in Our Classroom!

Hi Parents,

Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Reading: We are reading the book The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo and learning how to connect with the characters and make predictions based on our own experiences.

Writing: The kids started planning their Realistic Fiction stories for Unit 2!

Math: Our new unit is on MULTIPLICATION! Currently, we are multiplying 1 digit by 2 digit numbers. Of course, there will be more digits later! Please check out the methods we use to multiply- Area Model, Expanded Notation Model, and Algebraic Model, linked to this blog under the heading MULTIPLICATION METHODS. Don’t worry, we will be also using the “Parent” method (digit by digit) like we grown ups do!

Social Studies: We will be wrapping up our Economics Unit soon with a test to follow. Study materials will be coming home shortly!search