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We’ve Been Working Hard :)

Hi Parents!
I want to update you on what we’ve been learning so far 🙂
Reading: We are reading Stone Fox!  Plus, we are learning how to pick Just Right books, share with others during our discussions, set reading goals, and Take Charge of our reading. This week we will learn how to solve problems that we may face as we read.
Writing: We are generating ideas for a Personal Narrative by thinking about Special People, Places, Events and Emotions.
Math: So far, we’ve been comparing and rounding numbers up to 1 Million. This week, we will begin to add and subtract multi-digit numbers. It’s time to work on borrowing again 🙂 We call this New Groups Above/New Groups Below.
Social Studies: Last week, we learned about the location of the United States. This week, we learn about the various land and water forms that can be found in our country.
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Enjoy the Sunshine 🙂