Fourth Grade Handbook

Mrs. Huizenga’s
Fourth Grade Handbook

Hi Parents and Students!
We are going to have a great year together! I am so happy to be your child’s fourth grade teacher. I look forward to getting to know all of you better!

To reach me:
Phone-797-9797 ext. 22308
Email- (best way- I check this almost
every night from home)

*** PLEASE DO NOT RELY ON EMAIL OR VOICEMAIL TO GET AN IMPORTANT/EMERGENCY MESSAGE TO ME. Some days I am unable to check my voicemail or email until after school (or there may be a Substitute Teacher). PLEASE CALL THE SCHOOL OFFICE DIRECTLY TO ENSURE I GET THE MESSAGE.

Change in Transportation
If your child’s mode of transportation home changes in any way from the usual, I must have WRITTEN Permission from you (to ensure the safety of your child). Please give specific instructions regarding where/ with whom your child is to go that day (make sure you write the date that this change will occur). If I do not get written permission, I will have to adhere to your normal transportation schedule. If your child is to ride a bus home with a friend, please give me the friend’s name, teacher, and bus number written as a note that I can give to the bus driver.

If you must pick your child up before dismissal (for an appointment…) please send a note informing me of the time and I will send your child to the office at that time. All children picked up before dismissal must be signed out at the front office. You must also sign your child back in when returning, or if late for school.

Lunch Money
When sending lunch/milk money, please use the deposit form provided by Food Service and place it in a sealed envelope. Please label the envelope with the following: Lunch Money/ Child’s Name/ Mrs. Huizenga- Georgetown.

Gym Shoes
Your child will need a clean pair of shoes, appropriate for Gym class. These shoes are also used for an indoor pair when your child wears winter boots. Shoes will be kept in your child’s locker.  During warm weather when your child wears sandals, it is a good idea to send a pair of socks in your child’s backpack.

We will have a short morning break where your child will have time to eat a quick snack. Try to send something nutritious. Our classroom will be PEANUT AND TREE NUT FREE. A list of approved snacks was handed out at Open House. Reminder: Georgetown is a POP FREE school. You may send a juice box or water bottle. If you send a refillable water bottle, please label the bottle with your child’s name.

I will send a note to let you know when I plan on celebrating your child’s birthday. If it’s possible, we try to celebrate right on the day, otherwise very close. If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate your child’s ½ birthday or during the last week of school. You are welcome (not required) to send a non-edible treat (pencils, erasers, notepads, toys) to share with the entire class.

Please help your child get into the habit of reading each night for at least 20 minutes!!  Don’t forget to also help your child practice multiplication/division facts!  Occasionally, there will also be “paper” homework for your child to finish and return to school.

Please discourage your child from bringing toys/valuable items to school. Also, be sure to label your child’s coats, mittens, backpacks, lunch boxes and other items with his/her name.

We will be using a tally system. Each child starts the day with ZERO tallies. A tally will be given when a student is found to have difficulty following the rules of our Classroom Constitution. During the afternoon recess, students who received a tally/tallies for that day are to stay in for recess- 1 tally= 1 minute of recess. I will rely on your child to inform you of any tallies received. If behaviors are excessive/habitual, I will contact the child’s parents via Behavior Referral, email or phone call to discuss the negative behaviors. Don’t worry if your child receives a tally now and then. If there is a problem, I will contact you.

Specials- Art, Music, Gym
Our time for Specials is from 9:45-10:35.

Day 1- Music   Day 2-PE  Day 3- Art  Day 4- STEAM

Lunch Recess- 12:40-12:55 /Lunch- 1:00- 1:20
PM Recess- 2:20- 2:40.
AM Bell- 8:45 PM Bell- 3:45

Thank you so much for reading through this information. Feel free to contact me regarding any questions or concerns!!! Mrs. H. (Mindy)