September 10th 2013 archive

Book Bags are coming home tonight :)


My wonderful 4th grade students learned today how we will be using our reading logs during the school year. Today they received a book bag and reading log. Every day they will be bringing home their book bag. Inside the bag will be their book and reading log. They will be reading the same book at school and at home.

Tonight, please have your 4th grader show you their book bag/reading log and explain what they need to fill in each time they read both at school and at home. It is the students’ responsibility to carry these materials to and from school every day.

Research shows the more reading the students do…the stronger readers they will become. The reading logs are a way for the students to see if they are using their reading time effectively; by keeping track of the amount of pages read in a certain time period.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Reading! :)

Mindy H.