We Keep Pressing On!

schoolnewsHi Parents!

I am enjoying your kids! We are beginning to feel like a classroom “family”!

We have a Math test on Tuesday and a Social Studies Quiz on Wednesday 🙂

Reading: This week, we will learn to fit together new parts of a story with older parts, make inferences, and learn how to listen carefully when others are sharing. Unit 1 will be wrapped up this week!

Writing: We are publishing our first Personal Narrative, and will wrap up our first Writing Unit of the year! I love all of the details your kids put into their stories!

Math: On Tuesday, we will have our first unit test! During this cold, windy weekend, it would be helpful for your child to practice adding/subtracting multi-digit numbers. Also, our next Unit is all about MULTIPLICATION! Practicing facts over the weekend would be a BIG plus!

Social Studies: Currently, we are studying Special Purpose Maps. There will be a quiz on Wednesday, covering lessons 3 and 4. The word cards were sent home with your student last week!

Keep warm!


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